London's Best Markets

London markets are ideal shopping destinations, for everything from street food to flowers, art, jewellery, antiques, clothes and much more. Explore the streets of London and discover some of London's most beloved places to wine and dine, meet friends, and shop. 

Borough Market is one of our favourite places in London, whether you are a die-hard foodie looking for the latest food trend or inspiring ingredients to cook with, or just hungry and looking for somewhere to eat in the Borough Market, you’ll find your calling.

Head over to Covent Garden Market to the Apple Market and East Colonnade Market where you will find some great gifts to bring home and some tasty treats like Ben's Cookies. Covent Garden is an area where you will find live music, lively bars and superb restaurants.

Tucked away in a little ally is Malty Street Market which is a fun street food market home to many food and beverage traders like the Cheese Truck which have the most delicious toasties.