Corporate Social Responsibility

Marlin Apartments is fully committed to our green initiatives to protect the environment, as well as policies which aim to manage our impact on society. Our corporate and social responsibility policy establishes Marlin’s principles and standards for all our members of staff, and applies to all Marlin Apartments properties, services and actions. The CSR policy is regularly reviewed and assessed, and includes the following policies:

Environmental Policy

Marlin is committed to its green policies and the implementation of proactive measures to help protect and sustain the environment for future generations. We strive to minimise any detrimental effects as a result of our business by following these measures:

  • Monitor performance and aim for continued improvement by reducing, re-using, and recycling in areas such as energy consumption, reduction of waste materials and water consumption.
  • We consistently seek to “green” our supply chain.
  • Recycling of paper, cardboard, glass, plastic, cooking oil, toner cartridges fluorescent tubes
  • Monitoring electricity and gas consumption weekly, using low-energy light bulbs and PIR sensors in communal lighting.
  • All new developments are developed with an eye on sustainability, and those developers who enforce green construction standards.

Waste Management Policy

Marlin Apartments aims to avoid waste generation where possible, reduce waste production, and reuse and recycle waste that is unavoidably produced in order to improve its environmental performance. To help reduce waste wherever possible, all staff members are expected to abide by the following procedures:

  • Promote economy in the use of materials generally and in particular paper and the selection of print formats and document styles in our office.
  • the use of recycled/reclaimed materials; materials form sustainable sources and those that are suitable for disposal by recycling.
  • Favour suppliers who actively operate according to sound environmental principles.
  • Encourage our guest to recycle during their stay with us.

Sustainable Paper Use Policy

Our goal is to reduce overall paper and writing paper consumption each year by adhering to the following ‘best practices’:

  • As equipment is replaced or contracts expire, all printers, copiers and fax machines shall at minimum have double-sided capability
  • Increase the employee to printer ratio by eliminating the use of individual desktop printers and centralising printing stations among work areas
  • Look to using technology to eliminate need to use paper, i.e. installing PO software, paperless invoicing, paperless transactions (booking confirmations/texts etc.), investing in maintenance software package
  • Training staff of use of printers, double side printing, recycling paper, company policy not to print emails
  • Actively encourage suppliers to reduce packaging, inform all suppliers about Marlin’s Paper Use Policy
  • Where possible use e-marketing to update customers of product/offers

Health & Safety Policy

At Marlin Apartments we recognise our duties under current health and safety legislation and we will endeavour to meet the requirements of this legislation and maintain a safe and healthy working environment

We also recognise our duty, so far as is reasonably practicable:

  • to meet our legal obligations to maintain safe and healthy working conditions
  • to provide adequate control of the health and safety risks so identified
  • to consult with our employees on matters affecting their health and safety
  • to provide and maintain safe plant and equipment
  • to ensure the safe handling, use and storage of hazardous substances
  • to provide information, instruction, training where necessary for our workforce, taking account of any who do not have English as a first language
  • to ensure that all workers are competent to do their work, and to give them appropriate training
  • to seek continuous improvement in our health and safety performance and management through regular (at least annual) review and revision of this policy

To help achieve our objectives and ensure our employees recognise their duties under health and safety legislation whilst at work, we will also inform them of their duty to take reasonable care for themselves and for others who might be affected by their activities

Supplier Code of Conduct

Being responsible and sustainable really matters to us. We’re dedicated to making sure everything we do is ethical and lawful, and that we work in a socially and environmentally sustainable way. It’s important to us that our suppliers feel the same way and this code of conduct gives our suppliers a good idea of what it means to work with Marlin Apartments.

Health and Safety

Suppliers will provide their employees with a safe and healthy workplace, and should make sure a senior management representative is responsible for Health and Safety, and that appropriate policies and procedures are in place.

Child Labour

Marlin Apartments does not support the use of child labour under any circumstances.

The Environment

Suppliers should try and minimise any potential impact on the environment when supplying goods and services to us. As a minimum, we expect suppliers to comply with all local and national environmental legislation, regulations and directives to protect and improve the environment. Any specific requirements would be outlined in contract.

Business Ethics

Suppliers should uphold the highest standards of integrity, transparency and governance and, as a minimum, we expect our suppliers to comply with all relevant legislation and regulations.

Our Supplier Engagement Process

We expect openness and transparency in our relationships with our suppliers. We want to work together improve our sustainability performance, and we will endeavour to support continuous improvement with any supplier that need help meeting the principles of this code.

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